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Discover the creative energy of Devora's passion for designing and creating works of art in glass. Blown glass, cast glass, sandblasted and etched glass are all part of the journey.


About The Artist

In The Glory Hole
'In The Glory Hole'

Blowing glass is an addiction for me. Plain and simple, I was mesmerized the first time I watched it, and hooked the first time I tried it. I love the way that it begins with a dip of the blow pipe into a tank of hot molten liquid. The process progresses with many stages. Starting by blowing a small bubble, then adding color, blowing and shaping the bubble, adding design elements, heating and cooling.

It is a dance that usually requires a partner or a team, and much practice.

Agility, strength, patience, dedication to the art, and the ability to "stand the heat" are all required. "Grace under pressure" is a term that comes to mind. It is an unusual cast of characters, this community of glassblowers. I am honored to be part of their rank. I am grateful to those along the way that have worked with me, allowed me into their studios, and taught me this process.

I have studied glass in several places. I made my first paperweight in an hour session in Balboa Park, San Diego about 9 years ago. While visiting Seattle, (the American Mecca for the glass arts), I took my first weekend workshop and continued taking private lessons for weeks over several summers. I have taken lessons with an Alaskan glass blower in Oregan, and several semesters of private lessons from the instructors at UCSD.

I have travelled to Italy and taken lessons from a master glass sculptor and was invited into the workshop of an all male team and given an impromptu sculpting lesson. They had never had a woman glassblower at the bench!

I have spent several summer sessions at Pilchuck School in the mountains outside of Seattle. A residential gathering place for glass artists from all over the world. I currently work with my teacher/partner in a rented studio space in Mission Hill, close to where I live.

I am grateful to my husband Ron, who has supported and encouraged me in this journey, and to all of the people who have worked with me along the way. To the other glass artists who work together to make beautiful art, and share the secrets of this ancient art form.

Devora Safran